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Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj Festivals


Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj Online Samaj Festival Koli festival Gavachi Yatara Gavachi Jatra Ganesh Jayanti Dahi handi Holi Navratri kuldaivat,Portals, Religious, History, Culture, People, in Mumbai Thane Bhayandar Maharashtra India

Gavachi Jatara

There is a major attraction to Jatra in this community. Jatra is nothing but fun-fair. Mostly celebrated in the Chaitra month of the Hindu Calendar, fun-fair in Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj is the symbol of their communal integrity. Generally these village fun-fairs are celebrated for worshipping the village.

Generally these village fun-fairs are celebrated for worshipping the village goddess so that the goddess protects these villagers from all sorts of natural calamities and disasters. The village goddess is worshipped by elderly and young people of the village. During such fun fair people in other villages are also invited and there is colourful and pleasant and loving atmosphere. The major food eaten on this day is deliciously cooked meat with nicely baked bhakris. Also lots of sweet is sold in fun-fair of expressing the happiness.

There are different types of stalls for bangles, cosmetics, food items, sweets, games. For children there are giant wheels, merry go round. There is a chance for the ladies and young girls to roam freely without any botherance and fright. People do lots of shopping for themselves, their children and friends and enjoy a lot.

Ganesh Jayanti

Hindus have major devotion towards Lord Ganpati. Similarly Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj also worships Ganpati whole-heartedly. Ganesh Utsav is celebrated for worshipping Gauri and Ganpati Bhagwan. This Utsav is celebrated in the month of Bhadrapad. During this period farmers and fishermen don't have much work to do. So this festival is celebrated for a longer time in a relaxing mood.

Lots of preparation are done before Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Chathurthi is the day when the people bring a Ganpati (statue of Lord Ganesh) at their home. They make lots of decoration. Some people celebrate this feast for 5,7,10,21 or even for 30 days.

Jaagran is observed during this feast. Jaagran is celebrated by worshipping God whole heartedly and without sleep. Many guests come for visiting these days. On the last day of the Utsav the Ganesh moorti is released in the sea or river or lake with lots of happiness and celebration.


Holi is celebrated in the month of phalgun according to hindu methology.This day is celebrtated for destroying bad nature in minde and he hate betrayal animity,anger,jealousy and encouraging love,happines all bad thought in mind are removed.On this day a huge born fire is reated & this born fire is worshipped ladies & gents elders & young together.

Delicious puri, puran poli, karanj ladu,gulabjamun,anarcee are cooked in every house.Barks of mango tree are generally need for the bonfaire village people sing songs for goddess of holi . They also dance to express their fereness & happiness.This Program is continued full late night.

Narali Poornima

Narali Poornima is the most important and major festival of Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj. According to Hindu Mythology this feast arrives in Sharavan month. Actually Agri and Koli communities mainly depend on fishery as their main occupation i.e. they are closely related to sea. This is the major reason behind this Narali Poornima being their main fest.

From the monsoon times the sea shows very aggressive nature . In order to calm down the temper of the Sea Lord this feast is celebrated. During this feast people in agri-koli Samaj devote or release a golden coconut in the sea and pray for calmness and protection of their boats and ships they use in sea during fishing. All elders and younger in this community gather at the sea coast to worship the Sea Lord.

All people in the village celebrate this day by dancing, singing and then worshipping on the sea coast. After worship and prayer is done all fishermen go in the sea for fishing and start fishing from that day after a halt in the rainy season. That is why this is the most important festival of Hindu Mahadev Koli Samaj.

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